We appear on the front page of an insert to the Japan Times, which celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Relations between Denmark and Japan. It highlights the enduring economic and cultural relations between Denmark and Japan through a number of key industries that have actively been pursuing closer cooperation and exchange.

We appreciate our long-lasting relations with Japanese ship owners and ship builders and are happy to be featured in this special report as the only ship owner. To strengthen our ties further with Japan, we have just welcomed Miss Kikumi Inoue as a shipping intern. Miss Kikumi will be the future President of Yamato Kisen and will be here for eight months to learn more about the shipping industry.

Japan Times is Japan’s oldest and largest English newspaper. The report will be distributed in key diplomatic and business events related to the 150th Anniversary. 

You can read the article here and also download the report: http://www.worldeyereports.com/reports/article/specialized-transport-tankers-a-bright-spot-in-transitioning-industry/