In our line of business, we have a great focus on safety, both when it comes to vessels, technique and people. We believe that our employees should have a pension scheme, access to a health care program plus insurances in order to keep them safe, secure and healthy.

We offer a pension scheme for employees to secure their retirement. It’s a flexible solution, where people can choose the investment that best fits their temper. 
Through health care programs, we provide quick access to medical consultancy and treatment, where employees also have the option to cover their immediate family.

In order to stay healthy, we offer each employee a yearly health check and we encourage all of our employees to make exercise a natural part of their everyday lives. To that end, our regional offices offer various benefits like massage therapy during work hours, memberships to a fitness club of their own choosing and social activities to strengthen the team spirit and well-being among colleagues.

Now there is no excuse for not taking care of yourself - Safety starts with us.