We are growing our business from the proud roots of many Nordic shipping companies. In 1962, Wonsild & Son started their tanker business, which in 1992 led to establishing the company Copenhagen Tankers partly owned by themselves, Eitzen Group and Clipper Group. Clipper acquired all the shares in 2005 and took over Wonsild & Son's tanker activities. Five years later, they divested all tankers activities into the stock-listed entity called "Nordic Tankers A/S".

In 2012, the investment company Triton acquired the chemical tanker activities of Nordic Tankers A/S. The same year, herning shipping a.s. became part of the Nordic Tankers group. In 2015, herning shipping and Nordic Tankers moved in together. Our new and combined headquarters are ideally located in Tuborg Harbor in the maritime heart of Copenhagen.

A third company, Crystal Nordic A/S, saw the light of day in 2016 as a joint venture. Crystal Nordic combines the activities of Nordic Tankers and Borealis Maritime Ltd. in the short-sea, ice class chemical tanker trade.

Our heritage is thus a testament to decades of shipping experience, where we have always focused on safety, quality and reliability. We still do.